28 July 2016

Winter nostalgia

These violets are rather special on a few levels.

The original plant was grown by my mother (now passed) when we lived on a dairy farm.  My older brother took some runners and grew them at his place.  As they needed thinning he put some in a pot and passed them along to me.

They have taken a year or two to flower but are doing rather well this year.

My husband gave me a big bunch of violets on the day we bought my engagement ring and on top of that his mother's name is Violet.

So when I updated my Facebook avatar these were some of the flowers in my vase.


Linda Starr said...

oh I love violets; those are the same type of violets I dug up when I was 10 living in Maryland and started dividing and putting on the window sills in our home, pretty soon every window sill was filled and my mom said she have to start giving them away

Anna said...

Hi Linda
How nice that these flowers bring back some good memories for you too.

Elephant's Child said...

Beautiful things.
I too have them in flower at the moment. And they trigger memories of my parents too. Runners taken from their house, which thrive here. And I lust after your vase too.

River said...

There are quite a lot of violets growing around here, some self seed in the gutters alongside the road. I may pick up one or two of these and see if they will 'take' in my garden.

Anna said...

Elephant's Child - Violets are lovely flowers - I have quite a few of the blue and white Native violet too. If you see other vases/pots that you lust over let me know and we might be able to come to an arrangement :)

Anna said...

River it would certainly be worth a try - it sounds like your area is good growing conditions for them.