08 September 2017

It's a wrap

Thank you to everyone who came to see our exhibition, "Human Nature".

Both Thea and I were very pleased with the way it all came together.

Our meet the artists afternoon was well attended and over the two weeks we had lots of encouraging comments, provoked some thoughts and had some sales.

We might have to do it again one day.

My mini installation titled "Everywhere" was about the loss of diversity in nature.  The 22 pigs were able to be purchased individually and this was rather popular with more than half finding new homes.


The pigs were mostly based on rare breeds such as the Berkshire, Oxford Old Spot, Tamworth and Wessex Saddleback.  Others were cross breeds and ferals.
One of the first to sell was Laura with the floral prints.  Her sister Flora also found a new home.

Some of our works are now off to try their luck in the Gosford Art Prize which also has a Ceramics Award.  Fingers crossed for us both.


Elephant's Child said...

Congratulations to you both - and fingers tightly crossed.

Linda Starr said...

Your pigs are so realistic; hope you win the prize and congrats on the sales.

Alison Prior said...

So pleased it went well, good to see that a few little piggies went to market...

Anna said...

Hi EC thank you a prize would be nice but sales are just as good :)

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Thank you... they all have their own character somehow... hope the weather isn't too bad over your way.

Anna said...

Hi Alison
Nice to hear from you here and yes it was nice to have some find new homes.

Peter said...

Lovely to see your delightful miniature porcine collection! All look to be full of character, and it is interesting to see so many rare breeds represented. I like that they have names too, I think all farm animals should have names rather than numbers and bar codes! (I guess sheep would have to have Baa codes... groan!). We are all in the final days before an election here in NZ. It is rather an exciting one this time as the result is far from certain and the polls are showing rather unusual things happening to minor and major parties. Spring is bringing the garden to life, and I am not far away from another firing of my wood fired kiln. Kind Thoughts from us all at the Old Post Office!

Anna said...

Hi Peter
Thank you for your kind comments... baa codes LOL... its warming up here on the coast though the Snowy Mtns are still getting some snow so we have cold winds... I'll have to check our your election results... hope you do better than we did last time!