21 November 2017

That went well

Our POP UP SHOP was in a vacant building that is due for renovation soon... It is part of a lovely heritage building where Port Hacking Potters hold their monthly meetings.

Entry to shop

We ran it for almost two weeks which is quite a commitment for a small group
hand formed candle holders

There were around 17 of us with our work on display - in this image mine are the blue vessels and the candle holders

Display of work includes my teapot set, green tree voitive and white vases

View from a different direction

All in all the event went well.


Linda Starr said...

love your candle holders, glad it was a success

Elephant's Child said...

I am really glad to hear it.
Love your work - and also those windswept trees.

Peter said...

Hi Anna,
The Pop Up Shop looks great and so does the pottery! What a good idea! As you say, it is quite a commitment for a small group to put something like that on for two weeks, but it is an effective way to showcase your work.

Anna said...

Hi Linda - thank you... not sure yet if they found new homes but they were fun to make.

Anna said...

Hi EC thank you... those trees were made by a fellow member of our group, Janet Selby if you want to look her up. She makes Bonsai pots too.

Anna said...

Hi Peter Thank you and yes, I am so glad it was worthwhile... at least we didn't have to worry about the weather like you do for a market stall.