16 May 2018

Mother's Day bouquet

The day before Mother's Day (second Sunday in May here in Oz) I sold well at the local Farmer's Market.
One of my son's and his wife sent me a huge bouquet so I had to go looking for vases...

I was also given a treat at a local spa... it's lovely when you are remembered by family even if these days are very commercial.

wheel thrown Shino glaze with iron oxide brush strokes fired in reduction

Wheel thrown black slip on white body scraffito into wet slip clear glaze stoneware electric firing


Linda Starr said...

love that second vase is that one of yours

Elephant's Child said...

LOVE both of your vases. And the flowers.
We never celebrated Mothers or Fathers Day. The parents said one day is insufficient to make up for a years neglect - which was their reaction to the rampant commercialism.
I am glad you got treated though.

Anna said...

Hi Linda Yes both mine... the bouquet also filled a glass vase - not shown.

Anna said...

Hi EC thank you I quite like the larger one so have kept it for myself.. the small one is OK but again didn't want to sell it. Yes I'll take the one day and I don't feel neglected the other days