16 April 2019

Charity Icecream

I recently donated two bowls to this event in a nearby suburb..
It seems it went well and they sold out!

The idea is based on the Empty Bowls concept where people come to an event and buy a bowl of food and both the food and the bowls are donated and all the money goes to a selected charity, and the people get to take the bowl home to reuse.
These have been running around the world for some time now.  The next one I know of in Australia will be in Perth WA in June 2019.
If you are over that way check out more details on their Facebook page:
Empty Bowls Perth WA


Elephant's Child said...

What a truly excellent idea. Love your bowls too.

Linda Starr said...

I am sure folks will come out for ice cream, good they sold out

Anna said...

Hi EC the concept does work well and thank you, glad you like my bowls.

Hi Linda the whole event was organised very quickly so I'm pleased it was a success.