02 February 2012


I don't have my own kiln and belong to a local pottery group that hires its kilns to members. Unfortunately the building in which they are housed is being renovated and the group can't use them right now :(
However, as I have said in previous post, potters are a generous bunch and my friend, Pauline, is allowing me to share her kiln.
Here are my works just packed in her kiln ready for bisque:

You might wonder what those spots are?  RAINdrops! :(  Pauline's kiln is outside and though it was light rain, enough for the spots to show!

Two summers ago we were inundated with bush fires across the state, this year it is floods with many roads in the north west of the state closed due to flood waters.

Here in Sydney the gutters are flowing but other wise we are OK - just cold and wet...

check out what other potters are doing this week at Mud Colony.


laccentnou said...

That's awesome there is a friend who can help you with the kiln!
I fire my pieces in town ceramic workshop and sometimes at tiles factory :) I'd love to own a kiln one day...:)

Anna said...

Hi Anastasia, yes it is great to be able to share a kiln with a friend. Not so much stress to get it full. I am hoping the workshop of the group we belong to will soon be available again when the renovations are complete. Having your own kiln would be the best :^)

Linda Starr said...

Do you worry the pots will explode if they are wet? Nice to have a friend with a kiln. Lucky to get some rain too.

Anna said...

Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by,no, the pots themselves were very dry, just a few surface spots as we loaded during a shower of rain. The drought broke last year and this summer has been one of the coolest on record with cloud cover even when it hasn't actually rained. So far Sydney hasn't received the flood rains that they have further north where rivers are flooding. That's Australia for you, from one extreme to the other :^)