24 May 2012

Boabs and Bottle Trees

I learnt something this week from the 'taster' of a drawing class that is part of the course I'm doing at TAFE.

I learnt that trees I had thought of as Bottle Trees are in fact the Australian Boab tree and the Bottle Tree is something different again.

How did this come about?  Well our teacher has travelled the Australian Outback extensively and for our drawing exercise produced a bag of fruit from the Boab Tree that she had collected.

Wonderful items to draw and very tactile as they have a furry coating.
Here is my sketch:
Pencil Sketch - Boab Fruit (May 2012)
The Aboriginal people used them as a food and even carved them with designs of emus and kangaroos.

You might like to see some clay work over at the studio blog at Mud Colony this week.


Kim Schoenberger said...

Hi Anna, I think I read that about Boab's & Bottle Trees some years back! and I still call them Bottle Tree :-\ I love your little sketch

Anna said...

Hi Kim, seems the Bottle trees are more in Qld and the Boab in NT and the Kimberley. I saw a Boab in flower in Broome some years ago - such a delicate flower! Thanks for your kind comment on my sketch, I haven't drawn anything for ages so was happy enough with this effort :^)

Linda Starr said...

How fun you are taking a drawing class, I must search one out as I did drawing in high school and so enjoyed it, the black and white is so serene, I love it. and the fruit is edible and able to be carved too, double goodness.

Ellen Appleby said...

I really enjoyed the drawing classes when I did my TAFE course - should do more... I just need another 6 hours (at least) in every day.

Anna said...

Hi Linda thanks for dropping by & good luck with your baskets :^) One of the students wanted to take a Boab fruit home but the teacher counted to make sure they were all returned - they are very tactile which us potters love.
Hi Ellen, yes, time seems to rush by - we mainly did exercises to show the different effects of different hardness of pencils from H to 6B. Really helpful when you have not drawn in ages..

smartcat said...

Hi Anna...I found you via Linda at Blue Starr Gallery. I'm enjoying looking at your portfolio and postings. I like your pencil sketch......baobobs are completely unknown in my part of the world.

Anna said...

Hi Smartcat, thanks for dropping by, Linda has a great blog, she keeps inspiring me. Glad you like the sketch, love making marks on paper or clay :^) I guess those trees need a warm climate.