25 July 2012

Underway plus some candy

this week myself and other members of the Port Hacking Potters Group delivered our pots to go into a bisque in preparation for a wood firing that will be happening over the next few weeks at Gymea TAFE College.

Top shelf are mine and the lower shelf are by my friend Therese who makes consistently good work. I have a few beads in the bowls.  I'll be adding some oxide brush work to those bottles.

Next week we will be glazing -

And then!
Took some flyers for the Port Hacking Potters Competition up to give to the lovely John, from Blackwattle and received a batch of his very very newest clay to test.  Can't wait!!  It is a mid-fire (1200) stoneware.  Just what I was thinking I wanted :^)

Been to Mud Colony yet? the collected blog site, or their Facebook page? or my Facebook page? See you around :^)


Brenda said...

Curious about the "beads in the bowls". Would those be the whitish sections or is that a glaze or under glaze? I love your shapes! The taller pieces look to be flattened? Nice job! Can't wait to see them finished!

Anna said...

Hi Brenda
You can't see the beads as they are just loose inside the bowls for the bisque firing. When we pack the kiln I will just sit them around and hope for some colour from the ash.
Yes the bottles are thrown then squashed between 2 bats. The 'whitish' bits on some of the bowls was an experiment that didn't fully succeed - coloured slip on a plaster stamp used like a sprig. Not too worried as I'll be glazing over it anyway. So thanks for your comments and more to come as we progress :^)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing your process. Happy glazing :)