14 November 2012

A great show - do hope they can continue

A recent decision by the NSW State government to cut funding to all Arts programs in our technical colleges has been devastating news.
On Monday night I attended the Student Award Presentations and Exhibition opening of the Ceramic Design Studio (Gymea TAFE college) at the Muse Gallery, Ultimo, Sydney.

The work is just outstanding!  I so hope that the protest rally held today and the petitions presented will do some good to reverse the decision.

You can see some of the prize winners on the Port Hacking Potters blog but I thought I would add a few more images here.

work by several students

new works by Tracey Mitchell - see her website for more: Here
Just love this one by Tracey Mitchell

Graduating students, Rosemary Backhouse and Dorothy Shaw

Graduating Students, Mei Ling Wong and Youngme Ohn

several students

interesting slipcast pieces

Slipcast vessels by Ellin Pooley

These following works by Diploma student Nicky Parras are my favourite this year:
October Seater Woman

May Girl Dreaming

Winged Flight

and more by Nicky Parras

White Nesting

Best of luck to all the students for their future be it producing more art or ongoing studies.

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Linda Starr said...

Some real beauties there, thanks for posting.

smartcat said...

I find cutting arts funding so self defeating. As I said earlier over on Gary's blog, in the USA we want everyone to think outside the box but get rid of the very things that encourage and teach creative thinking. Sounds like the same is true for you.

Anna said...

Hi Linda
Thanks for dropping by - nice to be able to share the beauty with you.
Hi Smartcat
You are so right - even craft classes in primary schools have been cut back in hours. I might have to start another blog just to sound off about the lack of creative thinking by our politicians!!

laccentnou said...

Thanks for sharing!

Ellen Appleby said...

Interesting work - how will we survive without TAFE? - with a lot of difficulty. I have just been to KaRi to see Leisa Gunton's work - she is doing some very interesting work with found clay and objects - very interesting. Check out KaRi's Facebook page to see some of her work. Ellen

Anna said...

Hi Ellen, yes, it will be difficult without funding. An interesting time coming up next year. Will check out the Kari page, thanks for the 'heads up'

Hi Anatasia, thanks for dropping by - very inspiring work by some very talented students backed up by some very talented teachers :^)

JB said...

I am most interested in what these politicians think will grace the walls and plinths of the museums of the future. Humans need to be creative, its the doing for many that keep them sane. The work you shared of the new graduates is beautiful and gives me hope that these artists will continue to create despite the attitude of the state. This is my third go at verification. Make that 4th

Anna said...

Hi JB, thanks for dropping by my blog. I don't think the politians making these decisions think of the quality of life for future generations. These artists now have the skills to fly but those following may not be so lucky. We will just have to keep on trying.

Sarah Leonard said...

I love the October seater woman - such a wonderful shade of blue.

Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

Anna said...

Hi Sarah thanks for your comment and visiting my blog. Yes, its a gorgeous cobalt blue earthenware glaze that give the pieces life!