01 December 2012

Hot & Humid Saturday

Well December 1st and summer is HERE - storms, showers, sun and Humidity!  Still can't complain, I can put the Air Con on if it gets unbearable.
I remember when all we had was a small electric fan....

I tried to take a snap of our resident Water Dragon but he took off just as I snapped - see his tail on the path just behind that centre red Kangaroo Paw flower?  They come up from the nearby creek this time of year to eat the berries off the palm trees and what ever else they can find:

I am making some brooches at the moment - I'll be selling them at a market stall at Cronulla Mall on Saturday 8th December if you'd like to drop over..

I have put the clip on the back and will put them on card...

This is my Saturday post for Artists in Blogland so pop over and see who's there this week..


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna!

Love your ceramic pieces, they are gorgeous!!!

Thanks for your comment at my blog, here is the link for the tools I use to carve my stamps.

Have a great weekend!


Anna said...

Hi Enejy thanks, glad you like my work. And thanks for the link too!

Linda Starr said...

These are wonderful, good luck with the sale.

Anna said...

Thanks Linda. A lot will depend on the weather I think :^)
Good luck with your sale too!